Wendy Towe.
Dillon and Daisy have been groomed by me for over two years now! The first year that I groomed them was horrendous as they were always absolutely infested & covered in ticks!!!

Their mum (Maureen Faber) stated to me that she had in the past, counted over 100 ticks on each dog. They lived in the UK and had no idea what a problem parasites were over here!

Mum and Dad bought the best flea collars, asked my advice and I bathed them in insecticidal shampoo each time they came to me … every six weeks.

Yet, still they were presented to me with ticks, as they live next to a goat farm!!! 

A year ago they arrived for their regular clip … ‘tick-less’???

Wearing the Catandog’s discs!!!

I had been the biggest critic in Andalucía of these Catandog’s discs!

I have decried them from the first time that I read about them, truly suspecting that they were a sham and did not work, yet I have swallowed my own words as Dillon and Daisy have arrived once again to my groom room free from all parasites. 


Maureen Antonello,
Rio Grande, Malaga, Spain
For the most part, I think that the tag is effective. My dog got a very small dose of fleas and a tick bite in the summer. Then this fall his tag came loose. It was still around his neck, but the cord that I used to tie the tag around his neck unravelled and got a lot bigger. I found 2 fleas on him, at this point. I think it was due to the fact that the magnetic field was broken as the tag hung down lower than before. That was not a fault in the tag. Because he did get a small dose of fleas and a tick bite this summer, I would rate the tag 4/5.

Jim Topping
Frigiliana, Malaga, Spain
My dog has now enjoyed almost two years free from ticks and fleas with only the Catandog’s “Tag” as protection.

His normal environment is high exposure, spending most of the time with me in various gardens and open countryside.

He also has regular contact with a lot of other animals.  This really works, it’s economical and I don’t have to treat my pet with chemicals.

Veterinarian Paulette Vivian Topsoe-Jensen, Cand. Med. Vet. , D.V.M, Cert. IVA
CatanDog’s tick and flea Repellent.
Now it may be the end of diseased ticks and fleas on your pet – in a non-toxic way – and you can additionally save money compared to usual care.

This Tick ​​and flea repellant has finally come to Scandinavia, and you can now more easily and safely protect your pets from fleas and ticks.

Until 2009, we had only toxic sprays and liquid preparations for the treatment of ticks and fleas in our dogs and cats. Many felt that the toxins did not work properly, others were concerned about the poisonous effect on their pets and children. Now there’s a new option. For the first time we can protect our pets against ticks and fleas in a completely non-toxic way: A small metal disc, developed and patented in the Veterinary University in Madrid, it protects our pets by emissions of electromagnetic longitudinal waves.

Usha Gordon
Lusen, Italy
I have 11 dogs and purchased tags for all of them in September 2014. Since that time they have all been completely parasite free. I could not recommend them more highly. I am so confident of their effectiveness that I am now recommending them to veterinarians both in Italy and more recently in South Africa.

CatanDog’s are also willing to sell to sell at a discount to animal refuges as a way for them to make money from sales and also to provide very significant savings on the ongoing protection of the permanent residents.

I am in love with the product!

Clair Este.

Frigiliana, Malaga, Spain
We have had CatanDog’s Tags on some of our dogs for 20 months and have not seen a single flea or tick in all that time.

We have since rescued a German Shepherd a Spanish Mastin and a Poodle. These had been living wild in the campo and were infested with fleas and ticks. We sprayed them with a generic product and attached the tags. No sign of any parasites since.

We also rescued a flea ridden Spanish Water Dog and kept her for two days. We had to fumigate the house after her short stay, to eliminate the fleas she had brought with her, but the other dogs, with whom she had open contact, remained completely clean!

We would give this product 5 *****


Nicole Wu


In the muggy weather of Taiwan after using the CatanDog’s tag on my pet, I never find ticks or fleas on the body of my dog. This is an extremely good product to protect your pet without any toxic effects. Playing in the countryside without wearing the tag was a nightmare. Every time after she played in the countryside I found ticks on Mia’s skin.